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Patient Services

  • *   General Ophthalmic Ailments

  • *   Glaucoma – diagnosis & management

  • *   Uvea

  • *   Squint & Paediatric Ophthalmology

  • *   Lacrimal sac surgeries

  • *   Lid surgeries

  • *   Retina

    a) Screening & management of diabetic retinopathy
    b) Screening & management of hypertensive retinopathy

  • *   Refractive Surgery

    a) Non laser – Radial Keratotomy
    b) LASER procedures – LASIK, PRK, PTK

  • *   Cataract

    a) ECCE
    b) Manual SICS
    c) Phacoemulsification

  • *   Contact Lens Clinic :- Providing contact lenses

    a) As alternative to spectacles
    b) Cosmetic coloured lenses
    c) Specialised lenses fo management of Keratoconus patients

  • *   Cornea & Ocular Surface

    a) Pterygium with conjunctival autografting
    b) Amniotic membrane graftings
    c) Corneal ulcer –management
    a) Corneal opacities & dystrophy management
    b) Corneal ectasias – Keratoconus diagnonis & management
    c) Corneal & Scleral tear repairs
    a) Keratoplasty – penetrating & lamellar
    b) Corneal & scleral patch grafts
    c) Keraoprosthesis

  • *   In house Medicine Dispensing Facility

    *   Spectacle Counter

    *   Eye Donation Centre (Government recognised)

    *   Keratoplasty Centre (Government recognised)

  • Auto-refractometer

    For computerized calculation of refractive error (spectacle no.)

    Slit lamp bio-microscope

    This machine allows examination of the eye in magnified cross sectional views, which makes it easy to visualize minutes details and helps in diagnosis of ocular foreign bodies, corneal ulcers. The video attachment makes it possible to the doctor to show the exact nature of the disease to the patient’s relatives. The image backup is helpful during follow up examinations to monitor response to treatment. It can also be useful for getting an expert opinion via the internet for complicated and challenging cases.

  • A-Scan Biometry

    for calculation of precise power of the Intra-ocular lens which is implanted after cataract extraction in cataract surgery.

    YAG Laser

    useful for treating post capsular opacifications after cataract surgery and also some types of glaucomas. This laser has the property to make holes inside the eye without damaging nearby structures or need for opening the eye. Procedures which can be performed a. YAG laser posterior capsulotomy b. Laser iridectomy c. Laser trabeculoplasty

  • Pachymeter

    To measure the corneal thickness which is an essential parameter requiring consideration for laser as well as non laser refractive surgeries and also for diagnosis of glaucoma.

    Indirect ophthalmoscope

    Specially useful for examination of retina & vitreous. Useful in diagnosis of retinal disorders like diabetic and hypertensive retinopathies, and during giving intra-vitreal injections.

  • Keratometer

    TO measure the radius of curvature of the cornea, which is required for IOL power calculation & also for diagnosing of corneal ectatic disorders.

    Applanation Tonometer

    extremely useful tool for recording intra-ocular pressure, for diagnosis, follow up and management of glaucoma.

Refractive Procedures

  • Zeiss MEL 80 Excimer LASER

    For Refractive surgeries like LASIK and PRK, to get rid of refractive errors ranging from +5Diopters to -12 Diopters.

  • Radial Keratotomy

    A non – laser refractive surgical procedure for patients having myopia(minus glasses). Errors upto -6D can be made zero, whereas higher numbers can be reduced.

Surgical Services

  • Phacoemulsification machine

    For a Sutureless small incision cataract surgery. In this technique, the cataract in emulsified or liquified inside the eye with the help of ultrasonic energy and suctioned out of the eye through a narrow probe the thickness of which is as less as a pen. It offers the following advantages over the conventional cataract surgery
    a) Even a large cataract can be removed through a small 2-3 mm incision.
    b) As the wound is small, there is No need for sutures, also the wound heals faster.
    c) Post-operatively the patient is comfortable, no need for bed rest.
    The latest cold phaco technology at our hospital is highly efficient and offers lot of advantages over the conventional phaco systems
    1) lesser heat generation inside the eye
    2) lesser damage to inner corneal layers
    3) faster surgery and lesser recovery time

    Vitrectomy machine

    highly essential tool during complicated cataract surgeries, intra-coular haemorrhage in diabetics, ocular infections etc.

  • Operating microscope

    This machine makes Ophthalmic Microsurgery easy by providing a magnified view to the surgeon. Video display facility offers the following advantages
    a) Surgery can be relayed live to the patients in the waiting area
    b) In case on any complication during surgery, expert opinion can be sought immediately via the internet.
    c) DVD recording facility makes it possible to save the surgery for the surgeon’s reference and record.

    Cryo machine

    for cryo procedures necessary for treatment of some types of glaucomas and retinal diseases.