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 History / Establishment 

Joag Eye Hospital, started in 1991 as a small OPD with a consulting room of 200 sq.feet at Chati Galli. In 1995, Operation theatre and indoor admission facility was added, which later on was transferred to a newly built premises of 2000sq.feet in an elite area of Hotgi Road, Solapur. The OPD unit initially consisted of very basic facilities of only consultation, which progressed steadily by addition of sophisticated equipments like Auto-refractometer, Slit lamp with camera attachment, Applanation Tonometry, Autoperimeter, A Scan Biometry, YAG laser in OPD section and a well equipped spacious Operation Theatre with highly sophisticated Takagi Zoom microscope, phacoemulsifier, vitrectomy machine, Cryo unit etc. In 1995, Dr Yashashree Joag pioneered the technique of Radial Keratotomy, the only refractive surgery then available in India to give spectacle free vision to thousands of youngsters. As a step towards sophistication in refractive surgery, she became a Director of I-vision LASIK centre in 2011 to provide Laser refractive procedures like LASIK and PRK for correction of refractive errors.
As a feather in the cap, we are adding to our services, an Eye Donation & Keratoplasty Centre. The unit will be headed by the young and dynamic Generation Next, Dr Tanwangee Joag, who has pursued a speciality fellowship in Cornea and Phacoemulsification.
As the motto of Joag Eye Hospital is “to give quality services to classes as well as masses”, Joag Eye Hospital runs a charitable section for the economically under-previliged patients. From the year 1995, we offer Charitable Services every Saturday at 9:00 am, wherein OPD as well as surgical procedures are performed at significantly discounted rates. With the same motto, Dr Yashashree still proudly continues to perform Radial Keratotomy procedures giving equally satisfactory visual outcome for patients who cannot afford Laser procedures. Every year, we conduct eye camps for cataract as well as Radial Keratotomy, where we operate about 60-80 patients. We humbly mention that all these Charitable services are provided by us without any financial or material aids from Government or NGOs. Being committed to serve the society & humanity, Dr Yashashree crossed borders, to go to Kenya on invitation where she treated about 5000 eye patients and operated around 500 cataract patients totally free of cost.
We are empanelled to provide cashless services for:

* Sales Tax Department - Vikrikar Kutumb Swasthya Yojna (VKSY)
* Directorate of Accounts & Treasury - Lekha Koshagar Kutumb Swasthya Yojna (LKKSY)
* Dairy Development Department - Dugdhashala Kamgar Karmachari Kutumb Swasthya Yojna (DKKKSY)
* Charity Comissioner Department - Maharashtra Dharmadaya Karmachari Kutumb Swasthya Yojna (MDKKSY)
* Revenue Department - Mashul Karmachari Kutumb Swasthya Yojna (MKKSY)
* Pradeshik Manorugnalay (Thane) - Pradeshik Manorugnalay Karmachari Kutumb Swasthya Yojna (PMKKSY)
* Jail Authority Department - Karagruh Sanghatana Kutumb Swasthya Yojna (KSKSY)
* Land Record Department - Bhumiabhilekha Karmachari Kutumb Swasthya Yojna (BKKSY)
* Tribal Development Department - Adivasi Vikas Vibhag Karmachari Kutumb Swasthya Yojna (AVVKKSY)
* Government Printing Presses & Stationary Depot Department - Shaskia Mudranalaya, Lekhansamagri Bhandar Kutumb Swasthya Yojna (SMLBKSY)
* Rationing Department - Mumbai Shidhavatap Kutumb Swasthya Yojna (MSKSY)
* Shavvichedan Department - Shavvichedan Karmachari Kutumb Swasthya Yojna (SKKSY)
* Water Resources Department - Jal Sampada Vibhag Karmachari Kutumb Swasthya Yojna (JSVKKSY)
* Ground Water Department - Bhujal Karmachari Kutumb Swasthya Yojna (BKKSY)
* Zilla Parishad Department - Zilla Parishad Kutumb Swasthya Yojna (ZPKSY)
* ITI - Industrial Training Institute
Now at Joag Eye Hospital, we have a perfect blend of wisdom of experience by seniority and dynamic enthusiasm of freshly learned youth to offer best Anterior Segment Eye Care Services.

  •  Dr.Yashashree Joag 

  • MBBS – Dr VM Medical College Solapur - 1986.
    MS – Dr VM Medical College & Civil Hospital Solapur – 1989.
    Long term fellowship in Anterior Segment Microsurgery – Aravind Eye Hospital Madurai – 1990.
    Ethicon training fellowship in Radial Keratotomy – Maharashtra Opthalmological Society - 1995.
    Fellowship in Phacoemulsification – Mahatme Eye Hospital, Nagpur – 2001.
    Training course in LASIK – New Vision LASIK centre Baroda - 2012.
    Consultant Ophthalmologist at Solapur since 1991.
    Runs a Charitable OPD and OT at Joag Eye Hospital every Saturday morning     9 AM.

She is the only Ophthalmologist in and around Solapur District to be performing Radial Keratotomy, a non LASER refractive surgical procedure to get rid of glasses. Has performed more than 2000 Radial Keratotomies since 1994 and gifted spectacle free vision to thousands of young people.

Specialization: Cataract, Glaucoma, Contact Lens, Refractive surgeries (LASER and non-laser), Lacrimal System.

Academic Achievements: Faculty for Instruction courses at various academic conferences. Numerous paper and poster presentations at the State, National & International Conferences.

Best Scientific Paper Awards – 1) Management of Malignant Glaucoma 2) IOL – my first 100 cases 3) IOL – tips for the beginners by a beginner

Social Achievements: Awarded the Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana Award at New Delhi in 2012 for her contribution and service to society and humanity.

Posts Held: 1] Secretary-IMA Solapur Branch : 1991-1992     2] Secretary-IMA Solapur Branch : 2015-2016     3] President-Solapur Ophthalmological Society : 2011-2012
4] Zonal representative-Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society : 2004-2006     5] President-IMA Solapur Branch : 2017-2018

  •  Dr.Tanwangee Joag 

  • MBBS – Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Karad – 2008.

    DNB - National Board of Examinations New Delhi – 2013.

    Long term fellowship in Cornea & Anterior Segement – Lions NAB Eye Hospital, Miraj – 2015.

    Fellow of International Council of Ophthalmology – San Francisco – 2015-2016.

    Training in Advanced Lamellar Keratoplasty at L. V. Prasad Eye Hospital, Hyderabad-2016
    Fellowship in Advanced Cornea & Ocular Surface Disorders at the world renowned L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad - 2018


- Specialization in diseases of the Cornea & Ocular Surface, Eye Trauma, Corneal Transplants (Keratoplasties), Phacoeulsification, Refractive Surgeries (LASIK).

- Worked as a trainer for Small Incision Cataract Surgery for Foreign Ophthalmologists from China, Africa, France etc visiting Lions NAB eye hospital Miraj, Maharashtra, India for surgical training.

- Worked as a trainer for phacoemulsification surgeries for DNB students and short term external trainees at Lions NAB eye hospital.

- Numerous papers and poster presentations at various State, National & International Conferences.

- Best scientific paper award for Complications of Trabeculectomy Surgeries & their Management at the Deccan Ophthalmological Society Conference - 2011.